Pantry ‘dor

Project Type

Christmas Package Design


Pantry ‘dor

We are excited to share with you our work on the Pantry Dor rebranding project. As an advertising agency, we were thrilled to work on this project and to help Pantry Dor achieve their vision for a fresh and modern brand identity.

Our team worked closely with Pantry Dor to create a new logo and packaging design that accurately represents their brand values and speaks to their target audience. We focused on creating a design that is modern, simple, and versatile while also conveying the high quality of Pantry Dor’s products.

Our team also worked on redesigning the packaging for Pantry Dor’s products, creating a clean and modern design that stands out on store shelves. We kept the design simple and easy to read, with clear information about the ingredients and nutritional value of each product.

Services Provided
~ Christmas Package Design
~ Logo, Stationery, Table Mat & Package Design
~ Social Media Promotion Creatives
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