From the start, our emphasis was on understanding Multivista’s foundational values and vision, forging a cohesive brand identity that seamlessly spans various platforms, including calendars, brochures, leaflets, and exhibition stalls. The Multivista calendar was meticulously made, turning each month’s page from a basic date tracker into a canvas for storytelling. The calendar, which is full of creative design features, represents and illustrates Multivista’s goals and significant accomplishments. It evolves from a time-tracking tool into a compelling narrative that exemplifies advancement and excellence.

Brochures and Leaflets: Sculpting Information with Style

The brochures and leaflets selected for Multivista went above and beyond traditional forms, with a layout that revealed content in an engaging and informative way at every turn. Thereby, using our expertise as a marketing agency based in Chennai, we skilfully integrated text and imagery to craft a compelling narrative that gave the overall letter a distinctive feel.

Stall Design: A Captivating Brand Encounter

Crafting the exhibition stalls for Multivista was an invigorating challenge. Our objective was to curate an immersive experience within a limited space. These stalls were more than just buildings; they developed into intelligent spaces, encouraging significant discussions and associations with the brand.

Achieving Brand Consistency

Developing a strong and consistent brand story for Multivista required meticulous evaluation of the calendar, brochure, leaflet, and stall design. Effective branding depends on this coherence, which plays a role in encouraging meaningful consumer interaction and brand identification.

The Influence of Design on Brand Expansion

Our design interventions have played a significant role in the brand expansion of Multivista. Our efforts have significantly improved Multivista’s overall presence by increasing brand awareness, encouraging consumer interaction, and strategically influencing the company’s market position. This noteworthy outcome confirms our position as Chennai’s top creative agency.

Our six-year partnership with Multivista is a tale of smart brand development and the effectiveness of creative marketing, not just design. As a top digital media marketing company, our partnership with Multivista is a prime example of how creative design can be used to create an engaging brand narrative. Every design aspect in our work is a step toward exceptional branding, resulting in a seamless union of art and strategy.

Services Provided
~ Branding
~ Brochure
~ Fliers
~ Calendar