logo & package design – chilli drama

Project Type

Logo & package design



In Chennai’s dynamic culinary scene, OTDP, a leading digital advertising agency, partnered with emerging culinary star Chilli Drama. Beyond logos and menus, the partnership sought to create a story of delicious home cooking with a dramatic touch by fusing Chennai’s culinary legacy with contemporary dietary requirements.

OTDP, a renowned creative ad agency in Chennai, handled the project with a unique blend of creativity and strategic accuracy. Creating a visual identity that perfectly captures Chilli Drama’s values is a formidable challenge in the fiercely competitive food sector. This section explores OTDP’s ideation sessions, creative methods, and strategic techniques that meet client expectations.

For OTDP, the process of creating a logo involved exploration. The objective was to create a logo that conveyed Chilli Drama’s commitment to quality, health, and the essence of home-cooked food, going beyond simple brand representation. Examine the logo’s design components, color scheme, and subtle symbolic implications to see how well it conveys Chilli Drama’s brand story.

The menu is more than just a list of dishes; it tells a mesmerizing tale of tastes and sensations. The design team at OTDP meticulously designed a menu that highlighted Chilli Drama’s delicious dishes and conveyed the brand’s unique selling points. Discover how the menu design enhances the whole eating experience for customers by harmonizing with the brand’s identity.

Services Provided
~ Logo Design
~ Menu Card Design