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Team & Sons

Team and Sons, renowned for their innovative designs, collaborates with OTDP, a leading ad agency in Chennai, to craft a breathtaking brochure and captivating stall design.

At the core of our project lay the creation of a brochure that went beyond mere information dissemination to captivate its audience. Taking advantage of Team and Son’s unique position in the market was our main goal. Being one of Chennai’s leading creative advertising agencies, OTDP focused on creating a design that was both visually appealing and reflected the core values of the business. Every page effectively showcased Team and Sons’ principles and unique selling propositions in a consistent and engaging manner because of the integration of excellent pictures with a slick layout.

In concert with the brochure, our team enthusiastically embarked on crafting a stall designed not only to capture attention but also to actively engage potential customers. It was our responsibility to incorporate Team and Sons’ brand identification into the stall’s design in a seamless manner. Every component honoured the core values of the brand, from the colour scheme to the thoughtful placement of the emblem. The result was a warm setting that reflected the brochure’s design, creating a cohesive brand image that was memorable.

The partnership between Team and Sons and OTDP has elevated the standard in Chennai’s creative advertising industry. In the future, this partnership not only solidifies OTDP’s standing as Chennai’s top creative agency, but it also opens the door to more research into innovation and significant advertising techniques.

Services Provided
~ Stationery
~ Social Media Campaign Design
~ Brochure Design
~ Flyer Design