Sleep Lab

Project Type

Social media design



Our team collaborated closely with Sleeplab to create a new logo that accurately represents their brand values and speaks to their target audience. We focused on creating a design that is modern, simple, and versatile while also conveying the high quality of Sleeplab’s products. The new logo features a minimalist design that incorporates a stylized bed and the company name in a bold font. The color palette we chose – a combination of blue and grey – conveys a sense of calmness and comfort, reflecting the company’s commitment to helping customers get a good night’s sleep.

We also worked on developing a social media campaign that would increase brand awareness and engage potential customers. Our team created visually appealing graphics and informative posts that highlighted the benefits of Sleeplab’s mattresses and bedding products. The campaign was successful in reaching a wide audience and driving traffic to the Sleeplab website.

Services Provided
~ Logo design
~ Stationery
~ Social Media Campaign Design
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