Sleep Lab

Our goal in designing Sleep lab’s brand was to tell a story rather than just come up with a logo. Our idea became a simple style that has a stylized bed with the company name subtly included in a bold, comfortable typeface. The colour palette, a tasteful blend of soothing soft greys, captures the tranquillity and coziness of Sleep lab’s goods

Elevating the Dynamics of Social Media Engagement

Social media is the key platform for building brands in today’s digital environment. Making use of our experience as a reputable social media firm in Chennai, India, we were able to recognize the possibility of a significant influence with a customized campaign for Sleeplab. Our approach involved carefully selecting a range of eye-catching images and informative articles to highlight the superior comfort provided by Sleeplab’s mattresses and bedding items. This campaign increased Sleeplab’s online presence by combining strategic precision and creativity in a way that was intended to both fascinate and inform.

Quantifiable Achievements, Concrete Outcomes

The outcomes were quite incredible. Our campaign significantly increased website traffic and consumer engagement while propelling Sleeplab’s brand recognition to previously unheard-of heights. This victory proves our strength as a premier digital media marketing firm and highlights our capacity to create visually captivating material that leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

Partnering for Future Success

Our relationship with Sleeplab developed into a growth-oriented partnership rather than just a project. As a creative advertising firm, we take pleasure in going above and beyond the call of duty to provide results that actually count. We eagerly anticipate advancing our brand development journey and exerting a meaningful impact on the future.

Services Provided
~ Logo design
~ Stationery
~ Social Media Campaign Design