planet disinfect

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Logo design



OTDP, a prominent creative ad agency in chennai, is proud of its proficiency in revitalizing brand identities. Our partnership with Planet Disinfect is a testament to this dedication, demonstrating a harmonious blend of creativity and strategic insight.

Our journey began with a vision to create a visual sign that reflects Planet Disinfects unwavering commitment to cleanliness and safety. The challenge was to create a logo that resonates with dependability and trustworthiness while being simple and powerful.

We chose a colour scheme that effectively conveys ideas without using words. Blue, which is associated with reliability and trust, is the primary colour in our colour scheme. A spotless white complement it, signifying accuracy and cleanliness.

Every step we took in designing this logo was motivated by simplicity. Our objective was to create a design that captures attention instantly and becomes an industry sign of everlasting dependability. This logo is more than just a sign; it’s a commitment to the cleanliness and safety standards that Planet Disinfect maintains. We included calls to action and optimized the navigation to provide customers with a better experience as we led them through Planet Disinfects offerings.

Our journey faced its share of obstacles. Striking a balance between creativity and functionality posed distinctive challenges. Nevertheless, the knowledge and teamwork of OTDP, a digital advertising agency, turned these difficulties into chances for creativity.

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~ Logo Design