social media marketing – swades foods

Project Type

Social media design


Food & Sweets

Our team worked closely with Swades Foods to create new social media marketing designs that accurately represent their brand identity and values. We focused on creating designs that are visually appealing, informative, and engaging, while also incorporating the necessary information and messaging to promote Swades Foods products and services. The new designs showcase Swades Foods’ commitment to quality and authenticity, while also capturing the attention of potential customers and helping to increase brand recognition.

We developed a range of designs including graphics, banners, and posts, which were specifically created for use on social media platforms. The designs are engaging and informative, showcasing the unique features and benefits of Swades Foods products in a creative way. Our team also ensured that the designs were optimized for social media, taking into account the unique design requirements and constraints of each platform.

Services Provided
~ Social Media Campaign Design
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