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Arriving as a new player in the sports market, Zixa pledged to provide innovative, premium sports gear. Zixa intended to attract a young and energetic audience by creating a brand identity that flowed naturally from its core values. OTDP, a digital advertising agency in chennai, saw this need and seized the opportunity to develop a strong brand story that would set Zixa apart in the competitive sports industry.

As a newcomer in the competitive sports industry, Zixa turned to Chennai’s top creative digital agency, OTDP, to create a distinctive brand identity. With well-known brands dominating the market, Zixa needed to stand out and draw in the audience with a unique and powerful strategy.

Taking in Zixa’s vision was the first step. For OTDP, integrating these pillars in the branding strategy was crucial, as the name resonates with quality and innovation. A thorough investigation of Zixa’s ethos, innovative ideas, and meticulous market research is the cornerstone for the ensuing branding guide. For the design team at OTDP, creating Zixa’s logo was an artistic endeavour. They blended dynamism, simplicity, and symbolism to reflect Zixa’s commitment to quality and forward-thinking.

Zixa’s logo, with its brilliant colors and sleek lines, represents youth and innovation. Designed for versatility and visual impact, it ensures strong brand recall and connection across various mediums. Crafting Zixa’s brand identity went beyond the logo. Dynamic color schemes, carefully chosen text, and images combine to create a unified visual language that reflects the enthusiasm of the sporting world.

Zixa’s branding tone and messaging were crafted to resonate directly with its audience. The story, which includes innovation and excellence, revolves around empowerment, progress, and a strong passion for sports

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