National Plastics

National Plastics is a leading producer of plastic injection molded goods in India and a model of innovation and quality in the industry. As one of Chennai’s top social media companies, OTDP is proud to have contributed significantly to this incredible journey over more than ten years with our advertising and web design expertise.

We have worked together with National Plastics in a wide range of ways. As one of Chennai’s top creative ad agency, we had the privilege of creating their digital identity via a cutting-edge website. In addition, we designed and built exhibition stalls that accurately conveyed their brand identity in our role as a creative advertising firm in Chennai. Our engagement covered the creation of powerful business presentations and sales promotion materials that effectively connected with their intended audience. Each service we offered was a deliberate element that added to a cohesive and captivating brand story.

In working with National Plastics, we used a two-pronged approach: first, we distilled the core of their business, and then we creatively translated that understanding into narratives and visuals. Their website’s elegant yet user-friendly design is proof of our position as Chennai’s leading creative ad agency. The ideas for stall designs highlight our dedication to excellent functionality and visual appeal. Every component that was created was the result of extensive study and original brainstorming. At OTDP, we take great satisfaction in developing tactics that perform well in the real world and on paper.

Services Provided
~ Branding
~ Brochure
~ Website
~ Fliers
~ Stall Design