Project Type

Social media design



We are excited to showcase our recent work on the Sitora medical products project, which involved the development of new packaging and calendar designs. As an advertising agency, we were thrilled to work on this project and to help Sitora achieve their marketing goals.

Our team worked closely with Sitora to create new packaging designs that accurately represent their brand identity and values. We focused on creating designs that are visually appealing, informative, and durable, while also incorporating the necessary information and regulatory requirements for medical products. The new packaging designs showcase Sitora’s commitment to quality and safety, while also capturing the attention of potential customers and helping to increase brand recognition.

We also developed a new calendar design for Sitora that accurately reflects their brand identity and values, while also creating a useful and visually appealing product for their customers. The new calendar design features high-quality images and graphics related to medical products, while also including important dates and information that would be useful to Sitora’s customers.

Services Provided
~ Product Package Design
~ Stall Panel Design
~ Social Media Campaign Design
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